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With Instagram’s 2022 Recap Reel, you can reflect on your year. Discover how to customize your ‘wrapped’ experience with a celebrity narrator.
Meta redesigned Instagram's year-end Reel, and the results are mind-blowing. Individuals love the 'wrapped' experience offered by social platforms. In a way, it's no surprise since the internet is a place packed with nostalgia. Platforms like Snapchat, Spotify, and Bereal use the end of the year to remind users of special moments shared among friends.
Instagram is joining the new year's party, and they've got something for all of their users, 2022 Recap Reels. Users and their friends can relive their favorite memories through a video collage narrated by Priah Ferguson, DJ Khaled, and others. It is a simple design, but users will love how customizable Instagram's year-end Reel is now. The result allows individuals to feel good about the experiences they decide to include in their look-back.
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Users will find it simple and rewarding to customize Instagram's 2022 Recap Reel. Start by opening the app and pressing the + icon to begin a new post. Then, select 'Reel' from the post options. Now pick the Library menu located at the bottom left. When the camera roll is open, tap 'Templates' and find the 2022 recap template from Instagram. The best part is there are plenty to choose from! Users can select templates featuring Priah Ferguson, DJ Khaled, Bad Bunny, or Badshah. Once one of Instagram's templates is chosen, tap 'Use template.'
Once the template is active, the user will be prompted to choose 15 pieces of footage from their phone's library to fill in the clips. Start by selecting a blank field to open the phone's media and select video. Since it's an Instagram recap, users might want to find the Instagram album in their media library. Instagram will indicate how many seconds the footage will last for each snippet. Keep adding photos and videos until the template is full. Now press the arrow at the bottom right to preview. Users can modify each clip by tapping on the segment, sliding the frame to the desired footage, and tapping 'Replace media.' Once the editing is complete, tap 'Next.' Additional post edits, like text and special effects, can also be added. Select 'Next' again to finish adding captions and sharing settings.
Instagram was thoughtful by letting individuals choose their favorite photos. By doing so, users don't have to worry about an algorithm doing them dirty and showcasing undesirable posts, like some competitors. The 2022 Recap is an excellent way for Instagram to introduce users to its newest template feature. Ready to see what Instagram is bringing in 2023? Check out Instagram's new Group Profiles that will be rolling out very soon.
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