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Ahead of Pathaan release, Shah Rukh Khan hosted #AskSRK session on Twitter. He answered fans’ questions about the film, working with Dimple Kapadia, and more.
Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film Pathaan, co-starring Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. Pathaan marks his comeback on the big screen in a full-fledged role after over 4 years, and needless to say, fans’ excitement is at an all-time high. Shah Rukh Khan has a massive fan following, and he often surprises his fans by hosting #AskSRK sessions on Twitter from time to time, during which he answers fans’ questions. Now, with just four days to go for the film to release, King Khan left his fans delighted as he hosted another #AskSRK on Twitter, during which he gave some fun and hilarious responses to his fans’ queries.
Shah Rukh Khan had a few minutes to spare this afternoon, so he decided to interact with his fans. “15 minutes #AsKSRK just to thank u for the love and to spread some more fun on Saturday….,” he wrote. We have compiled some of his most interesting, witty and hilarious replies from today’s Ask SRK. Take a look!
A fan asked Shah Rukh Khan if he ever sneaked into a theatre to watch his own movie to see fans’ reaction. “@iamsrk Have you ever sneak into a theatre to watch your own movie to see the reaction of the fans. #AskSRK,” wrote the fan. Shah Rukh replied that he hasn’t done that in a long time as he hasn’t had a film release in a long time. “No haven’t done that for a long time….also haven’t had a release na….for #Pathaan maybe it’s that kind of film that should be watched in an audience packed hall,” he tweeted.

Another fan shared that he lost his job, and he is feeling depressed. Shah Rukh Khan asked him not to worry, and shared a valuable life lesson. “#AsKSRK @iamsrk Sir job chaligayi Samjhe ny ara hai kya karun Feeling depressed..” wrote a fan. Shah Rukh replied, “Aur acchi wali job mil jayegi….fikr mat karo. Down ke baad Up aata hain….”

A fan was curious why Shah Rukh isn’t promoting his upcoming film Pathaan on The Kapil Sharma Show. “Sir kapil sharma me nhi Aa rahe hai kya is baar,”wrote the fan, to which Shah Rukh Khan replied that he will meet his fans directly at the theatres when his film releases. “Bhai seedha movie hall mein aaoonga wahin milte hain….#Pathaan.”

Shah Rukh Khan was asked if he will visit South to watch Pathaan on the release day. “ Hi Sir, Will you visit any theatre in telugu states on movie release date #AskSRK @iamsrk.” Replying to the fan, Shah Rukh wrote, “Yeah if Ram Charan takes me!!”

Another fan asked Shah Rukh Khan to review his film Pathaan. In response, SRK wrote that he is a creator, not a critic, and that there’s great joy in making films. “We are creators not critics, different job portfolios…the joy of making films is paramount….nothing else,” wrote SRK.

How did AbRam react to Pathaan? Shah Rukh Khan replied that his youngest son AbRam has only watched the trailer until now, and he loved the jet pack sequence so much, that he wants one! “He saw the trailer and loved the jet pack sequence….now he wants one!!!” wrote Shah Rukh.

Another fan mentioned that it was surprising to see Dimple Kapadia in the Pathaan trailer. The fan asked SRK’s experience working with the actress. King Khan was all praise for Dimple Kapadia, and he wrote, “Dimple ji is the most beautiful and fun to work with.”

A curious Twitter user wanted to know if there will be a kissing scene in Pathaan. Shah Rukh Khan replied, “#Pathaan Kiss karne nahi….Kick karne aaya hai….”

On being asked whether he has watched Bhuvan Bam’s show Taaza Khabar, Shah Rukh said that he hasn’t yet, but will watch it soon!

“Girl friend to hai nhi pathaan kiske saath dekhu?” asked another fan, to which Shah Rukh had a hilarious reply! He wrote, “Film abhi dekh le….girlfriend banana ke liye poori zindagi baaki hai!!”

Another user wrote that Shah Rukh doesn’t reply to blue-tick accounts on Twitter, but he was going to try anyway. “ Ab to hath kapne lage hai que puchne me.. kyuki aap blue tick walo ko reply nah dete.. lekin koshish kr lete hai hum.. @iamsrk #AsKSRK.” Much to his surprise, SRK replied to his tweet and wrote that those who try are sure to succeed. “Koshish hi kaamyaab hoti hai,” wrote SRK.

When asked whether Shah Rukh Khan believes in magic, King Khan gave a short reply saying that he believes in life, which means he believes in magic.

A fan wanted to know why Shah Rukh Khan always wears cargo pants. “More pockets….more places to carry the world in my pocket!!” replied the superstar.  

Meanwhile, another fan shared a picture of himself waiting outside SRK’s residence Mannat to catch a glimpse of the superstar. He asked, “@iamsrk #AskSRK wait kar raha tha bahar kyu nahi aaye,” to which Shah Rukh replied that he was feeling lazy and wanted to chill in bed.

Concluding the Ask SRK session, Shah Rukh Khan tweeted that he needed to get back to playing FIFA. “Thank u all and hope u enjoy the film. Those who didn’t get a reply don’t worry ‘picture abhi baaki hai mere doston’ #Pathaan,” he wrote.
Siddharth Anand has directed Pathaan, which will be a part of Yash Raj Films’ spy universe. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham, and Deepika Padukone in the lead roles, Pathaan is all set to release in theatres on Jan 25, 2023 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Salman Khan will also have a cameo in the movie.
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