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‘Armed for war and out for justice’
Renegades is a 2023 British action crime thriller about a group of ageing veterans who take on a vicious international drug gang.
Directed and edited by Daniel Zirilli from a screenplay written by Tom Jolliffe, based on a storyline by co-producer Jonathan Sothcott. Also produced by Paul Knight.
The Shogun Films production stars Nick Moran (Lock Stock), Lee Majors (The Fall Guy), Danny Trejo (Machete), Louis Mandylor (Hell Hath No Fury), Patsy Kensit (Lethal Weapon 2), Ian Ogilvy (We Still Kill the Old Way), Paul Barber (The Full Monty), Billy Murray (Rise of the Foot Soldier) Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott (Nemesis), Michael Paré (Streets of Fire), Stephanie Beacham, Michael Brandon and Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (No Holds Barred).
“The Renegades are on the rampage in a brand-new all-action revenge thriller, featuring a stellar line-up of British and Hollywood favourites. The Renegades mean business. Cross them, and they’ll do anything it takes to wreak vengeance with their inimitable old-school style. There will be blood, violence and bodies galore in this brutally brilliant action-packed feature.”
Plot synopsis [contains a spoiler]:
Carver (Lee Majors) is a courageous former green beret and true gentleman, who stands by soldiers old and new and helps them in their hour of need. When struggling veteran Burton (Nick Moran) comes to him for support, he does his best to help.
Introducing him to his loyal old special forces comrades Peck (Ian Ogilvy), Woody (Billy Murray) and Harris (Paul Barber), they welcome the new­-recruit with open arms, living by their ethos of ‘You don’t leave a man behind even when the war is over and done with…’.
When Carver is shockingly murdered, the ex-army Renegades band together to protect his daughter Judy (Patsy Kensit) and exact revenge on those responsible… a vicious international drug gang, led by the fearsome Goram (Louis Mandylor). They’re ready to dispense their own brand of old-school justice on the mean streets of London.
Aided by the enigmatic Sanchez (Danny Trejo), the veterans must stay one step ahead of determined Scotland Yard Detective Moore (Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott) and stop Goram’s gang from taking their deadly hold on the city…
Release date:
Renegades will be released in the UK by 101 Films on Digital on January 30, 2023, and on DVD on February 13, 2023.

” …I appreciate an elder action hero (or in this case elder action heroes). Age is just a number after all and I am always willing to suspend my disbelief if it means getting to see some old dogs go out to hunt one more time… with that said, that disbelief was challenged at times due to the effects budget […] Louis Mandylor and his wardrobe was the highlight for me (that and the “Renegades” song). After all these years, Louis Mandylor continues to prove he is equally effective at playing the villain or the hero.” Bulletproof Action
” …the performances were great, even from the cameos like Danny Trejo and Michael Pare; plus the way the story grew organically, allowing for the nuance to develop in certain aspects, like what Nick Moran’s character was going through as a former soldier trying to make it in civilian life. It’s the kind of thing a churn-and-burn DTV actioner wouldn’t have the bandwidth to pull off, but here it’s handled with a level of depth and allowed to flourish in a way I didn’t come in expecting.” Direct-to-Video Connoisseur 
“Zirilli’s fondness for overhead drone shots gets excessive, occasionally making this feel like Grand Theft Auto 1. These criticisms should not be overemphasized though; they’re more paint scratches than anything. For the character work is lovely, and this carries the film along its route, more than adequately.” B- Film Blitz
” …although we may not want to watch Renegades, we see it to the end because of the all-guns-blazing elderly guys who are of the same age as our grandparents. They are the only new thing in this film that gives us minor, if not major, Expendables vibes if you think about it. Experience with age and the swagger when the former two characteristics combine to uplift the latter.” Film Fugitives
” …there’s nothing to be had either. The simple revenge story about a group of friends with a military background is hardly suitable to captivate you to the end. The dialogue is just as spartan. It’s not even like the actors would pull out big, or at least wanted to […] For most others, all you have to do is shrug your shoulders and move on.” 3 out of 10, Film Rezensionen [translated from German]
“Marked by high stakes, gory shootouts and spectacular explosions, Renegades is a highly engaging and spectacularly entertaining action film that succeeds in more ways than one. Zirilli has managed to make a film that has fantastic characters, a terrifying villain and enough one-liners and violent deaths to put most other action films this year to shame.” Indie Wrap
“Zirilli’s Hollow Point was reasonably watchable and professional looking, but Renegades comes close to completely reverting to the junky clumsiness of Acceleration and Asian Connection. When the shooting stops, the tone craters to amateurish levels. Fan favorites like Majors, Kensit, and Ogilvy deserve better. Not recommended…” J.B. Spins
“You know what you’re getting, some familiar faces and a few decent action scenes. The performances by the leads are good and most of the smaller roles are handled well. The one exception is Michael Paré who, as is often the case with him lately, sounds like he’s bored and reading off of cue cards.” 3.5 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony
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