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Siddarth Malhotra and Rashmika Mandanna play the main characters in the spy thriller film Mission Majnu, which chose to have a direct digital release. View the movie on Netflix to see how it is currently performing.
The story of a Pakistan-based covert spy is told in the film, which is set in the 1970s and is based on real events. India successfully conducts its first nuclear weapon test, shocking Pakistan. India is seen as a threat by the neighboring country, which plans to build a nuclear weapon to eliminate it. Pakistan enlists the assistance of renowned scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan for this task (Mir Sarwar). The spy Tarik, also known as Amandeep Ajitpal Singh (Siddarth Malhotra), is hired by RAW to find and destroy the nuclear site once the agency immediately recognizes this. The remaining portion of the film is about Tarik’s discovery of the secret location and his ability to defend India from Pakistan’s evil plan.
The willingness to communicate the little-known history of one of India’s most significant missions is to be applauded. The beginning of the movie is excellent, and it gets right to the action. A few aspects, such as how the Pakistani army governs the country and how political changes would impact intelligence services, are depicted in a beautiful way. The pace of the film is often quick.
Siddarth Malhotra does a fantastic job playing an Indian spy. The young actor’s performance, which once again proves his adaptability in any character, is without a doubt one of the movie’s greatest assets. The actor excels in dramatic and humorous roles alike. Siddharth’s character has a severe inner conflict because he is the son of a traitor, and this aspect was skilfully handled to lend an emotional touch.
There are a few good moments strewn throughout the film, but the first half was entertaining to watch. In their respective roles, Sharib Hashmi and Kumud Mishra both performed admirably. Rashmika Mandanna does a good job in her part as the main character’s love interest despite the fact that she is very briefly seen. She was convincing in her portrayal of blindness.
The espionage genre has given us several great films, including Raazi with Alia, Baby with Akshay, and Vishwaroopam with Kamal. These movies excel at presenting thrilling and suspenseful parts in addition to the action. Unfortunately, this is one area where Mission Majnu fails. There aren’t any memorable moments, and hardly any of the segments are tailored to the protagonist.
Particularly in the second half, a few scenarios seem absolutely unbelievable. Up until that moment, the movie had been handled effectively, but the second hour was a complete jumble. For a spy film, several logic shouldn’t have been completely ignored, and the action sequences are underwhelming.
The subpar VFX work just makes matters worse. As a result, the movie turns out to be extremely predictable, and the outcome is obvious from a distance. A few scenes, such as when Siddarth randomly asks strangers for essential information and when he casually questions the army brigadier, don’t look at all credible and are completely amateurish.
Technical Information
The music of Rochak Kholi, Arko, and Tanishk Bagchi are merely adequate. The songs that have been composed and the instrumental score are both decent. Excellent cinematography was created by Bijitesh De. The editing was excellently done by Siddarth S. Pande and Nitin Baid. The production values are fair.
The director of the movie, Shantanu Bagchi, did a merely passable job. The script, which was written by Praveen Shaikh and Aseem Arrora, should have included more exciting elements to break up the monotony throughout the movie.
Despite some generally excellent moments, Mission Majnu is not a memorable experience due to its flaws. Siddarth breathes life into this spy thriller, and the first half of the film is excellent. If you can set aside the logic, you can watch the movie this weekend.
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