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Welcome to the 2023 era of Tunes with Tate. Tunes with Tate started with the idea to have my parents and younger brother review music while I was stuck at home for a virtual Fall 2020 semester. There hasn’t been a Tunes with Tate in this format since Oct. 2021, so naturally the impact of “Midnights” by Taylor Swift brought it out of the woodwork. 
As per usual, Swift’s 10th studio album broke all kinds of records. In the first week after the album was released, Swift became the only artist to ever have five albums with over one million units sold. Another first she accomplished was becoming the only artist ever to fill the entire Top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. 
On Spotify, “Midnights” became the most streamed album in one day and Swift broke the record for the most streamed artist in one day on the album’s release day, Oct. 21, 2022. On Apple Music, Swift set the record for the biggest pop album of all time in first-day streams. 
In tune with the increasing resurgence of vinyl records, Swift broke the record for most vinyl albums sold with 575,000, which was previously held by Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House.”
Every time it seems like Swift is at her peak, she creates a new one. “Midnights” is a perfect example of this and is arguably becoming her greatest album. 
As a self-proclaimed Swiftie and at the risk of exposing my music listening habits, I have barely listened to anything other than “Midnights” since its release. There is something so soothing and reflective about it that it’s addictive. It’s one of those albums that feels like home because of how much it resonates. 
Swift has talked about how connected with her fans she feels, explaining in her Netflix documentary “Miss Americana” how often she will go through something, write songs about it, put those songs on an album and have fans post online about how they went through something similar after it’s released. 
I’ve been listening to Swift for a majority of my 20 years on Earth but for a lot of those years, I was not old enough to fully comprehend the things she was singing about–heartbreak and falling in love can only resonate so much with a six-year-old. But, I found my own truth within those songs as I went back and listened to them over the years. “Midnights” is an album that felt like it found me when it came out. Certain lyrics in “Maroon” and “You’re On Your Own Kid” felt like they were written about my life over the previous few months leading up to their release. Swift continuously finds new ways to put emotions into words and that felt amplified for me when listening to this album. 
Swift’s music has been played around my family for a very long time and I am grateful that they have each found an appreciation for her music as I have. My parents recently watched the Netflix concert film of Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour on their own time, a pleasant surprise to get a text about amidst the stress of the end of the semester. So, without any further delay, here is my family’s review of of “Midnights”:
Mom: While I appreciate Taylor Swift’s evolution over the years and recognize a more mature, edgy sound with this album, I can’t help but notice that each song blends into the next as if they are all the same. But upon second listen, when I was able to focus more on lyrics, it’s good. I really like “Anti-Hero,” even though it has become a TikTok earworm, and “Karma.” I would say in addition to the theme of “Midnights,” this album is very focused on self-awareness and self discovery/exploration. Fans will definitely appreciate its built-in therapy. 8 1/2 out of 10.
Dad: Not a huge Tay-Tay fan, but I have to say this album definitely has an edge to it that I haven’t heard before. Her lyrics have more depth and even a maturity to them that I don’t seem to recall in previous releases. Maybe the explicit “3am Version” had something to do with it? Regardless, she’s ultra-famous for a reason and certainly a powerhouse that won’t stop. Eight-and-a-half out of 10.
Brother: The album is really good. My favorite is “Anti-Hero” because it’s goated, but every song is still great. “Sweet Nothing” is also a banger. Seven out of 10.
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